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Eurofiber is a fast growing international provider of industry leading digital infrastructure. With our fiber optic network and high quality datacenters we provide companies, government bodies and non-profit organizations a future proof infrastructure. Our vision is of an open network with infrastructure and ICT services being offered separately, allowing everyone the freedom to choose their services, applications and providers as their own needs evolve. Our infrastructure provides the basis for a smarter and more efficient deployment of resources, enabled by a permanent exchange and the unlimited availability of data. This is how we are paving the way towards a Smart Society.


Your department

The Operations team is responsible for creating a future Fiber to the Home network in Wallonia. To do so, we use a project and process-based method that enables us to work reliably and efficiently. Our team has a coordinating and supporting role, our partnering contractors actually prepare and perform the civil works to physically create our fiber optic network.


Your job

Our vision and belief is that each party in the delivery chain acts upon their best expertise and knowledge. It is this principle that leads to our turn key approach with partnering contractors. We expect full responsibility of their scope from them, and we expect our team of Project Managers to facilitate, spar with and manage the contractor on milestones, results and deviations of planning/time/quality. Overall we strive for transparent, clear and open relationships in which both parties can win.


As our Contract Manager you have governance over and are the point of contact regarding the contractual agreements with our contractors. In this role you are responsible to secure capacity agreements, have strategic meetings with our contractors on their performance and finances, initiate & formalize contractual changes driven by optimalizations and you have an overall capacity overview of parties in the market. Of course for all input and decisions you work very closely with the responsible colleagues of the operations teams, for in depth insights in performance and cooperation you have frequent alignment with our Project Managers who’s role it is to facilitate and support the contractors in the realization of our network.
You are also the first point of contact for complaints or claims that relate to any of our contracting parties or, in an unfortunate situation, coordinate and give guidance to an exit of any of these parties.


Additionally you are responsible to manage the contracts of material suppliers. You keep track of order volumes, pricing agreements, update the portfolio with input from the operations team, establish and keep up a good relationship with our suppliers. Besides this, you keep our market intelligence up to date and are informed on innovations / price developments / changes in our supplier landscape such as mergers etcetera’s.


Furthermore the Contract Manager is also responsible for change management. This means that you build up a formal structure which allows for frequent reviews of for instance material or pricing levels, but also contractual agreements could ask for adjustments as we learn by experience. You formalize and implement the overall communication on (suggested) changes, set up and track timelines for decision making, cover adjustments in (formal) documentation and make sure appropriate IT systems are adjusted if applicable.


You have a keen eye for commercial and/or operational opportunities such as logistics, guarantees, commercial aspects and technical necessities. Ideally you have a background in an operational/technical/telecoms environment and a quick learner in our fiber-landscape.


Who are you?

  • You are well in setting up and maintaining good relationships with external relations/suppliers;
  • You have strong coordinating skills, are structured in planning and communication;
  • You are a strong believer of open relationships, can provide in perspective from both sides of the table in meetings, are integer and transparent;
  • You have the ability to naturally facilitate meetings, create openings to find the rationale or reasoning behind results and are a sparring partner for both management or operational levels at Eurofiber or our suppliers;
  • You have 7 – 10 years of relevant work experience in a contract management, procurement specialist or similar role, ideally in a role in which you have worked with contractors… to make it even more perfect; that would also have been in a telecoms environment (or vice versa);
  • You possess the ability to both speak and write in both English and French;
  • Entrepreneurship, the ability to be agile in our changing environment;
  • You are driven, enthusiastic and radiate confidence and responsibility.

We offer  

in addition to the opportunity to contribute in a great growth story, we offer you an interesting salary package

  • Contract of indefinite duration
  • An employment contract of 38 hours per week
  • Flexibility in remuneration package including a bonus scheme and thirteenth month, mobility budget and bonus system


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