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Proximus signs an agreement with the intention to establish a partnership with Eurofiber to further enlarge and accelerate its fiber roll-out in Wallonia

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Proximus CEO Guillaume Boutin and Alex Goldblum, CEO of Eurofiber, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aiming at building a fiber network in Wallonia together. The main objective of the partnership is to enlarge and accelerate the roll-out of Fiber-to-the-Home in a cost-efficient way, while ensuring access for all interested parties under open access and non-discriminatory terms.

Following the signature of the MoU, Proximus and Eurofiber will now engage in the negotiation of specific terms to build a fiber network in several cities and neighbourhoods in Wallonia together. Subject to the conclusion of a final agreement, parties consider to create a joint venture to design, build, maintain and upgrade the network, which will be open and accessible for interested wholesale customers. The purpose is to pass Fiber to minimum 500.000 homes and businesses in Wallonia within this collaboration.

End of March, Proximus expressed its ambition to accelerate the roll-out of its fiber network as a crucial pillar of the renewed #inspire2022 strategy, with the purpose of connecting 2.4 million living units by 2025. To achieve this, Proximus committed to an acceleration of its investments to guarantee a faster and more efficient fiber roll-out, while adopting an open mindset towards cooperation and co-investment.

By joining forces with Eurofiber, an experienced provider of digital infrastructure since 2000, Proximus will be able to leverage efficiency gains in fiber deployment as well as realise a significant acceleration and a substantial increase of the coverage over and above its announced roll-out plans to pass 2.4M living units by 2025 in Belgium.

This agreement marks a major step forward towards delivering on the gigabit network of the future to the benefit of its customers, employees, stakeholders and society at large. Fiber is the ultimate broadband platform allowing to transmit data at the speed of light while being more energy-efficient. It allows a stable, ultra-fast and low-latency internet experience without interruptions, no matter how many people or devices are connected, and offers the stability and reliability that businesses need in their daily operations.

Eurofiber has been developing, maintaining and expanding its industry-leading, open digital infrastructure for 20 years now. Thanks to its fiber-optic network and datacenters, Eurofiber is able to provide enterprises, organizations, governments in Belgium, The Netherlands and France with smart, open, future-proof cloud and connectivity solutions. Customers have complete freedom to choose the services, applications and providers they need. Eurofiber’s strategy is aimed at further expanding within Europe and broadening its portfolio. Fiber-to-the-Home (FttH) is a central feature of this expansion strategy, with Eurofiber expecting to execute further FttH projects with a wholesale and open access approach. Collaborating with Proximus in this fiber-optic network project is part of the realization of this strategy.

Guillaume Boutin, CEO of Proximus

« Partnerships are at the heart of our #inspire2022 strategy and we are more committed than ever to connect as many families and businesses as possible with the network of the future. The envisioned collaboration with Eurofiber perfectly fits within this strategy. We have a long-standing commercial relationship with Eurofiber and are confident that they are the right partner to support the acceleration of our roll-out in Wallonia. I am excited to go ahead with the further discussions and work closely together to bring fiber faster to even more citizens and businesses in Belgium.”

Alex Goldblum, CEO of Eurofiber

« Digital connectivity is vital for the economy and society. The high-quality open fiber network that we are going to realise with Proximus will help thousands of companies and organisations and hundreds of thousands of households in Wallonia get ready for the future. We are proud to be able to put our expertise to work on this great project and are looking forward to the collaboration.”

Proximus and Eurofiber will provide a more detailed update once a final agreement is reached.

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About Proximus
Proximus Group (Euronext Brussels: PROX) is a provider of digital services and communication solutions operating in the Belgian and international markets. Delivering communication and entertainment experiences for residential consumers and enabling digital transformation for enterprises, we open up a world of digital opportunities so people live better and work smarter. Thanks to advanced interconnected fixed and mobile networks, Proximus provides access anywhere and anytime to digital services and data, as well as to a broad offering of multimedia content. Proximus is a pioneer in ICT innovation, with integrated solutions based on IoT, Data analytics, cloud and security.

Proximus has the ambition to become the reference operator in Europe through next generation networks, a truly digital mindset and a spirit of openness towards partnerships and ecosystems, while contributing to a safe, sustainable, inclusive and prosperous digital Belgium.

In Belgium, Proximus’ core products and services are offered under the Proximus and Scarlet brands. The Group is also active in Luxembourg as, under the brand names Tango and Telindus Luxembourg, and in the Netherlands through Telindus Netherlands. The Group’s international carrier activities are managed by BICS, a leading international communications enabler, one of the key global voice carriers and the leading provider of mobile data services worldwide.

With 12,931 employees, all engaged to offer customers a superior experience, the Group realized an underlying Group revenue of EUR 5,686 million end-2019.

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About Eurofiber
Eurofiber has been a provider of industry-leading open digital infrastructure since 2000. Utilizing our own fiberoptic network and datacenters, we provide smart, open, future-proof infrastructure solutions for both connectivity and cloud to companies, government bodies and non-profit organizations. Customers have complete freedom to choose the services, applications and providers they need, allowing them to tap into the full potential of digital innovation. Eurofiber has a 37,000 km fiberoptic network in Belgium, The Netherlands and France and stretching into Germany. This network is expanded by 40 km per week on average. Eurofiber companies Dataplace and Eura DC exploit eight datacenters in the Netherlands and France. Supplementing that vital infrastructure, we also offer interconnectivity between nearly all carrier-neutral datacenters in Belgium and The Netherlands through the DCspine platform. Eurofiber is laying the foundation under the digital society, which is why the Dutch government has assigned Eurofiber the status of ‘vital infrastructure’

Eurofiber Group consists of: Eurofiber and DCspine (The Netherlands and Belgium), Dataplace (The Netherlands), Eurafibre, ATE and Eura DC (France).