You can trust the Eurofiber Network Monitoring Centre 24/7

Eurofiber fully owns both the fiber optic infrastructure and the active network that it uses. This means that Eurofiber is able to provide cast-iron guarantees of high availability and great service. Yet problems do occur from time to time – and when that happens, customers can come straight to us at our Network Monitoring Centre (NMC).

This service is responsible for the proactive and reactive monitoring of our networks. It also supports customers when incidents and anomalies occur, while also coordinating any scheduled works.

Incident management

When something goes wrong, Eurofiber starts by checking to make sure that any internal cause (own network or equipment) or scheduled maintenance can be excluded.

Once that is done, a Trouble Ticket is created and the following procedure followed:

  • When a disruption is reported, the project number and/or line name and installation address (as stated in the RFS document) are recorded.
  • Information about the type of service is also important.
  • A Trouble Ticket will be created and the troubleshooting process started by the NMC.
  • During the repair phase, the customer is kept informed about the progress of the works.
  • Once the problem has been rectified, Eurofiber contacts the customer, asking him to confirm that the interruption to services has come to an end.
  • The Trouble Ticket is then closed. A Reason for Outage (RFO) report may be drafted at the request of the customer and sent out within 3 working days.

Scheduled works and maintenance

To be able to continue guaranteeing the high quality of the Eurofiber Network, Eurofiber is constantly working to improve and upgrade the network.

Scheduled work on the network is organised by the Planned Works team. All planned works that may have a possible impact on service are carried out within the maintenance window agreed with the customer.

Eurofiber carries out three distinct types of work:

  • PSA (Possible Service Affecting)
  • SA (Service Affecting)
  • CSA (Customer Specific Activity).

Scheduled work is always notified to customers beforehand. Customers are always informed at the start and then on completion of the works so they can track the way their service is operating. Emergency repairs are notified as quickly as possible.

A driven team that’s always standing by

NMC staff have a clear overview of customer enquiries and make every effort to achieve fast response times. Regular consultation with customers (service management) also helps strengthen the relationship. The NMC can be reached on +32 (0)800 26 909.