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    Anchor your processes on fast, secure and reliable connections.


    Anchor your processes on fast, secure and reliable connections.

Many sectors, including your own, are becoming increasingly dependent on ICT, making connectivity essential. You depend on fast and reliable connections for transferring data between your locations and ICT environment. Eurofiber offers a state-of-the-art, future-proof and open fiber-optic network designed to support the continuity of your business activities.

Organisation network separated from public internet

Eurofiber enables you to connect your head office, subsidiaries and datacenters in a reliable and secure manner over a virtual private network.

You can transfer (Cloud) applications and deliver internet, telephony, video as well as other services over this closed data network, which is separated from the public internet.

Redundant connectionsContinuity - Fiber optic

Redundant fiber-optic connections assure maximum continuity of your business-critical processes. We install your connections in a fully separated configuration – no trench is shared nor route crossed. As specialists in this field we would be pleased to advise you on the benefits of redundancy.

Secure connections to datacenters

Are you considering centralising your ICT environment in-house or opting for an external datacenter to house or mirror your systems? We offer you the possibility of using our fiber-optic connections to access and run your services from the datacenters.

Freedom in choice of services

We have an open access network: you choose your own services and service providers. This guarantees you maximum flexibility in configuring your ICT environment based on the needs of your organisation and ensure the continuity of your business into the future.