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    The future?
    It is our daily business

    The future?
    It is our daily business

Compared with other countries in the world, Belgium is one large metropolitan area. While this has benefits, it also presents many challenges. Think of the impact of an increasing population on traffic flows, for example, as well as demand for housing, water and energy supplies and CO2 emissions. A Smart Society helps to meet, and overcome, these challenges.

Smart Society offers solutionsOpen network - Fiber optic

Eurofiber believes that citizens, public authorities and businesses should work together to address social and economic challenges. Technology can be leveraged to make smarter and more efficient use of assets in pursuit of this aim. This leads to sustainable economic development, innovation, enhanced well-being and sensible use and management of natural resources. In short: a Smart Society

Open network provides a solid basis

A Smart Society relies on a permanent exchange and the unlimited availability of data. This calls for a reliable digital infrastructure that allows data and applications to be accessed anytime, anywhere. Our open network deliver the capabilities organisations need to unlock the infinite possibilities of the digital world and create the optimal solution for their business. In this way we provide the basis for connecting people, organisations and business assets in a Smart Society.

Choose your own services and providers

Our open network gives our customers and partners complete freedom in their choice of services and service providers. You can connect to the datacenter using our start-of-the-art fiber-optic network or alternatively opt for the connectivity offered by other providers. This open model enables you to optimally configure your ICT environment.

Flexibility: today and tomorrow

ICT is rapidly transforming our world. People work increasingly ‘in the Cloud’. They live in cities run by technology that gets smarter every day. And they continuously drive the ICT agenda with the smart phones and tablets they carry with them. Our open network provides you with the foundation for configuring a flexible infrastructure that enables you to respond to every development – now and in the future.

Benefit from an industry leading digital infrastructure built on Eurofiber’s fiber-optic network. With 25,500 kilometres of cable, our open network covers Belgium and the Netherlands, and stretches into Germany.