#Eurofiber acquires Eurafibre, ATE and Eura DC in France

Hans Witdouck, Eurofiber Belgium’s new Managing Director

As of 1 January, 2016 Hans Witdouck became the new Managing Director of Eurofiber Belgium. Earlier in his career he helped establish Telenet where he eventually became Managing Director and CTO for their digital tv project. Afterwards Witdouck was, among others, Managing Director of Scientific Atlanta Europe (later Cisco), provider of solutions for fiber optics networks and digital tv solutions.

Witdouck will assist in shaping Eurofiber’s rapid growth in Belgium. Eurofiber recently acquired B-Telecom’s telecom activities and Deloitte called it one of the fifty quickest growing technology companies in the country. Witdouck sees enormous opportunities for Eurofiber as provider of an open, future proof fiber optics infrastructure with high bandwidths. He states: “Apart from people, more and more equipment is going to exchange data using the Internet of Things. We are communicating more and more via video and mobile equipment, whereby we are gathering more and more data, causing an ever-increasing need for fiber optics infrastructure. Eurofiber has very good network coverage, open infrastructure philosophy and wants to cooperate in an ecosystem and because of these reasons it is ideally placed to join the wave of change and to realise growth in Belgium.”

Witdouck succeeds Lars Alkema as Eurofiber Belgium’s Managing Director. Alkema returns to the company’s Dutch branch where he will be Director International Development.