Trend report: What can we expect by 2030?

“People are absolutely prepared to embrace the capabilities of technology – but as long as technology companies are unable to give them a practical insight into the personal benefits for them, then consumers remain sceptical.”

.” That was the general thrust of debate at the ‘Smart Netherlands in 2030’ congress. Under the leadership of Rick Nieman, six leading experts from the world of science, business and government debated the opportunities and threats about the future of digitisation over the next 15 years. The 15th anniversary of Eurofiber prompted the organisation of the ‘Smart Netherlands in 2030’ congress.

Technological progress and developments are happening at lightning speeds: we live in a world that is becoming increasingly digital. But how smart will we be in 2030? What awaits us all? And do we actually want it? In this report we look ahead, using market research conducted among consumers and business decision-makers in the Netherlands, as well as interviews with opinion-leaders and the views of Eurofiber. At its base are four plausible future scenarios drawn up in conjunction with the Rathenau Science Institute.


Download the trend report here.  Smart Society Journal feb 2016

Unfortunately, the report is only available in Dutch.