Researchers shatter glass fiber speed records

A group of researchers at the University of Illinois has succeeded in sending data at a speed of 57 Gbps by glass fiber. This was achieved at room temperature and without any errors. Even when the temperature rose to 85 degrees Celsius, the scientists were still able to record a more-than-decent transmission speed. Specifically, at that temperature, the data transmission was only 7 Gbps slower.

The group has been trying for some time already to rewrite the speed limits for optical fiber. In 2014, it was the first American group to succeed in transmitting data, error-free, at 40 Gbps. “Our most important question has always been to find out how we can send information more quickly,” says Milton Feng, one of the researchers. “When transmission is not fast enough, you can’t enjoy new technologies that use large flows of data, such as virtual reality.”

The researchers believe that their technology will be used mainly by datacenters. The real challenge now will be to get the technology to work over longer distances. If that becomes possible, the Internet could be a whole lot faster and the streaming of 4K video would no longer be a problem.

Bron: ZD-net