Eurofiber launches ‘The fiber revolution starts here’ campaign

It was on 6th March that Eurofiber kicked off ‘The fiber revolution starts here’ campaign in Kortrijk.

This is the first time that Eurofiber in Belgium has come out so strongly with its brand and the aim is to do much more of this in the future. By being ‘out there’, we not only increase knowledge and awareness of the Eurofiber brand among our target audience, but we are also able to tread more on the toes of our competitors. And we certainly have all the assets we need to do so.

Because our aim is to unleash nothing short of a revolution. Our fiber optic solutions enable us to open up a wealth of new opportunities in our own unique way. At Eurofiber you get the infrastructure, freedom and support you deserve.

Want to find out more about our campaign? Take a look at www.defiberrevolutiestarthier.be, make an appointment and start the fiber revolution with us!!!