Eurofiber involved in EU self-driving car project

Eurofiber is one of the partners involved in the project launched by the European Union (EU) to test self-driving cars from the beginning of 2017. Günther Oettinger, the European Commissioner for the Digital Economy, presented the main outlines for the project in Brussels.

Zelfrijdende wagen
The main aim is the accelerated rollout of a European network for self-driving vehicles that will enable the European Union to play a leading role in the digital economy. Using the argument of an open network, Eurofiber has been working actively with car manufacturers and associates in the telecommunications industry in recent months to launch a large-scale European self-driving car project in the first half of 2017. Eurofiber will be playing a leading role in the rollout of the scheme in the Benelux countries.

Alex Goldblum, CEO of Eurofiber, said: “The development of the self-driving car is dependent to a large extent on having a high-quality infrastructure. To avoid the link between driving and the motorway stopping at each border, having an open infrastructure is vital. Eurofiber is the only specialist in fiber optics to have installed a cross-border network in Europe. This makes our open network for mobile applications in the Benelux ideal for the self-driving car.”

“Close cooperation between providers in the value chain is an important condition for the success of the project,” added Bart Oskam, CTO of Eurofiber. “In recent months, Eurofiber has been actively involved in discussions with government representatives and car manufacturers about the requirements that need to be on the agenda in terms of the digital infrastructure required.”

Europe-wide collaboration between the telecommunications and automotive industries

The participants in this EU project are currently examining the potential obstacles facing self-driving cars, in terms of the technology involved, but also with regard to legislation and regulations. Other topics relate to the exchange of data, commercial agreement templates and privacy guarantees. This European Union self-driving vehicle project provides a platform on which the automotive and telecommunications sectors can share knowledge and arrive at common principles.

Eurofiber played a part in driving the proposed cooperation is Europe that has now become a fact with the plan that Commissioner Oettinger has presented in Brussels in conjunction with the European industry associations ACEA, CLEPA, ETNO, GSMA and ECTA. Gijs Phoelich from Eurofiber is president of the European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA) and is naturally extremely pleased with the results achieved in recent months.

With the deployment of its digital infrastructure, Eurofiber is promoting innovation in the Benelux and across Europe. Previously, the company has worked actively with the parties developing practical applications. At the present time, self-driving car projects are predicated on existing technologies, such as 4G and 802.11p. At a later stage, they will use new 5G technologies.