Customers very satisfied about Eurofiber’s complete service

Satisfied customers are of the utmost importance for Eurofiber. Every year we ask our customers what they think of our products and services. This customer satisfaction research is carried out by the market research company Motivaction. General satisfaction with Eurofiber is high with account management being the highlight.

These are the researchers’ main results.

General and Sales

Eurofiber’s customers rate the company a 7.9 out of 10. It is regarded as an A-brand, which offers value for money and communicates clearly about its prices.

Account managers get an even better rating of 8.7. They can easily be contacted by phone and provide solutions which match the customers’ needs. The Sales Support department is considered expert and involved and gets a good rating of 7.7.


Delivery of ordered connections gets an overall rating of 7.4 because customers are less pleased with the deliveries’ deadline (6.3) and the communication about these deliveries (6.5). On the other hand however, Eurofiber’s customer service is rated very highly (8.2). In 2016 Eurofiber will pay more attention to the communication and delivery process of the services.

With a score of 8.5, customers indicate they are very pleased with the availability of Eurofiber connections. Moreover, with a rating of 8.2, customers are also saying that the Eurofiber portfolio closely matches their requirements.

Customers are pleased with the way Eurofiber solves disruptions (7.7), especially with how accessible the emergency telephone number is (8.2), and the speed with which disruptions are solved (7.4). Completeness of information when disruption is being solved, however, can be better (6.8). This will be a topic for 2016.

External Communication

Customers indicate that they are mainly informed about new developments in the market and within Eurofiber by reading the e-mail newsletter (63%) and by talking to their account manager (63%). Especially the e-mail newsletter is highly rated (8.2) as a source of information. Because of the high appreciation Eurofiber decided to increase the frequency to a monthly publication.

Focus on improving processes constantly

Also in 2016 we will improve our service and processes constantly in order to be able to respond even better to your needs. Do you have any remarks about the research or do you want to talk to us about improvements, please contact your account manager or use our contact page.