Eurofiber introduces Secure Cloud Connect

Increasing numbers of companies are implementing cloud applications, but here once again the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Indeed, cloud providers limit their service to their own platform. 

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Yet, the connectivity between the customer’s network and the cloud platform is vitally important. Which is why Eurofiber is now launching a new service: Secure Cloud Connect, a specific private connection to the cloud platform, totally separate from the public Internet.

Secure Cloud Connect offers companies a full-service connection from their own local network to the cloud. The connection is handled by Eurofiber at the cloud exchange. This means that IT departments no longer have to invest in time, knowledge and new equipment. It also means they can benefit more quickly from innovative, cost-effective cloud applications.

The cloud market is expected to continue growing rapidly over the next two years. Research shows that 91% of ICT managers expect to implement cloud applications within the next 12 months. In doing so, they will need high bandwidths and managers also have a strong preference for direct connections. With Secure Cloud Connect, Eurofiber is capitalising seamlessly on this development.

High availability and very low latency

Eurofiber provides a direct, private connection via its own network to Microsoft Azure (Equinix Cloud Exchange). Azure offers the whole package of cloud computing services, ranging from Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to full managed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). This makes it possible to implement and scale the latest websites and web applications, manage an SQL database ‘as-a-Service’ or apply machine learning.

Eurofiber Secure Cloud Connect is provided over Eurofiber IP VPN or Ethernet VPN connections. The bandwidth is scalable from 50 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s and so can easily grow in line with the needs of organisations. Secure Cloud Connect guarantees very high availability and very low latency. This makes the service particularly well suited for business-critical real-time applications. With Eurofiber’s independent fiber optic network as their foundation, organisations have a free choice of cloud providers and services. This makes Eurofiber unique. And thanks to the tight-knit mesh of the Eurofiber network, companies can also connect locations to their cloud providers quickly and easily.

We have recently provided a ‘Secure Cloud Connect’ connection to FOD Mobiliteit/SPF Mobilité. As a result, the customer benefits from a redundant 2 Gb-link to the Microsoft Azure coud platform.

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