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    News & Press releases

    News & Press releases

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    Eurofiber expands to Frankfurt 

    PoP as part of European growth strategy Frankfurt/Maarssen, March 2, 2021 – Eurofiber is solidifying its activities in Germany by establishing a Point of Presence (PoP) in Frankfurt. International clients can now be connected directly to Eurofiber’s European fiberoptic network. This expansion is part of Eurofiber’s European growth strategy.

  • Customer satisfaction raises to unseen score.

    During our last customer satisfaction survey (research carried out by Forum Business Research) our clients gave us an overall score of 8,4 and a NPS of 46.  Knowing that a NPS score of 50 is considered as excellent, we could say we’re nearly there.

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    Eurofiber to acquire FullSave in Toulouse

    Second French acquisition announced in 2020 as part of Eurofiber’s French growth strategy Eurofiber has announced its intention to acquire FullSave, a leading B2B infrastructure-based telecom operator in the Toulouse and Bordeaux areas. Building on the acquisition of Eurafibre, ATE and Eura DC in November 2019, and Lumos in November 2020, Eurofiber is further strengthening […]

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    Eurofiber to acquire Lumos in France

    Expanding French network footprint is an important step in Eurofiber’s growth strategy. Eurofiber has announced it has signed a binding agreement to acquire Lumos, a French fiberoptic network company based in Nantes. Following the acquisition of Eurafibre, ATE and Eura DC in November 2019, Eurofiber is accelerating its French growth strategy with this acquisition and […]

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    Eurofiber optimizes fiber optic network in Belgium

    Eurofiber has begun to optimize its network infrastructure to provide an even better service to its Belgian clientele. To this end, fiber optic rings will be rolled out in large parts of Belgium in the coming period, explains Hessel Idzenga, Design and Architecture Manager at Eurofiber.

  • Eurofiber optimizes internet services with ‘Direct Internet Peering’

    COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates high dependence on internet access A large part of the working population has been forced to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This would be virtually impossible without reliable and fast internet connections. To guarantee this further, Eurofiber is optimizing its existing internet services with ‘Direct Internet Peering’. This directs […]