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    News & Press releases

    News & Press releases

  • Eurofiber launches DCspine

    Arrange 24/7 online and on-demand connectivity between data centers via DCspine. Options like connections up to 100 gigabits, flexible contract terms and conditions, and instant access to third-party cloud services via pre-configured ports. Faster, more scalable, and more flexible.

  • Hans Witdouck wins LCL Lifetime Achievement Award

    Eurofiber Belgium MD Hans Witdouck won the “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the end of May during the LCL Carrier Awards. According to the organization, he earned this award because he has the potential to grow businesses successfully, spot opportunities and develop initiatives into concrete projects. The fact that Hans was also the first employee of […]

  • Meile de Haan becomes new director of Infra Operator Eurofiber.

    Maarssen, 11 April 2019 – Eurofiber appointed Meile de Haan (49) as director of Infra Operator as of 15 May. In that role, he will be responsible for the construction and management of Eurofiber’s fiber-optic network in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, spanning a length of 31,000 kilometers. De Haan will be succeeding Arian de […]

  • Customer satisfaction raises to unseen score.

    During our last customer satisfaction survey (research carried out by Forum Business Research) our clients gave us an overall score of 8,4 and a NPS of 45.  Knowing that a NPS score of 50 is considered as excellent, we could say we’re nearly there.

  • Eurofiber Partner event

    Friday 28 September Eurofiber invited all his key partners to its annual partner lunch. Scenery for this exhilarating event was the MAS rooftop restaurant ‘T Zilte. hashtag#lunch#’tZilte hashtag#scenery hashtag#eventing