Network extension throughout Belgium

With more than 7,000 kilometres of fiber optic installed in Belgium and 25,000 kilometres altogether in the Benelux, there’s a very good chance our network runs close to you. This means that in most cases you will be easy to link in, so any connection charge will be limited.

We also have a very strong presence at many industrial estates and business parks, as well as at all of the ports and harbours in Belgium and the Netherlands. In fact, did you know that we are 1 of only 2 carriers in Belgium to offer a network with genuine national coverage? Eurofiber has been constantly expanding its infrastructure ever since it was established in 2000.

Eurofiber Belgium also significantly increased its capacity at the LCL Diegem datacenter since March 2017, helping the new wing of the centre to go ‘on-net’. Eurofiber became the first carrier to equip the new wing of the ‘Diegem 4’ datacenter with its own fiber optic cables and the MPLS network. Which means that ‘dual-homed’ connections are now also part of our offering to customers. This investment confirms Eurofiber’s growth intentions in the region.

Eurofiber is currently in the process of implementing a 48-km fiber optic network around Kortrijk. The rollout will take place in 2 phases, with phase one already operational. Phase two is scheduled to come on stream this autumn.

Eurofiber is also expanding its network in Wallonia, with a new 25-km ring around Charleroi. The works are currently in the implementation phase and will also be operational this autumn.