MEF CE 2.0 certification

We are proud to announce that Eurofiber is the first player in the Benelux region to obtain Carrier Ethernet (CE) 2.0 certification, awarded by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF).

The MEF facilitates international collaboration between suppliers and operators via the standardisation of products and services. To this end, the organisation defines global directives intended to guarantee that Ethernet connections provided are the same, wherever users happen to be. In awarding this certification, the MEF has offered an independent and external validation of our services, and specifically of the standardisation of Ethernet Access connections between our clients and carrier and operator networks.

A team effort

Since the summer of 2016, the Eurofiber Netherlands project team has conducted a multitude of tests aimed at verifying whether our duly configured Ethernet connections function correctly and without loss of data over long distances. Testing is conducted using probes placed at either end of the connection.

Quality guarantee

Certification for Eurofiber is a guarantee of reliability and quality for its clients. It concerns, in particular, the end-to-end configuration of Eurofiber’s networks and those of other operators and carriers. The certificate confirms that specifications concerning speed, service quality and other parameters are fully met. It also guarantees that connection to the client’s equipment and network is in line with specifications.

Recently, our service description and network configuration have been adapted. We have also been added to the MEF 2.0 register for our E-Access EPL, E-Access EVPL and E-NNI services. Documentation and operational directives are meticulously updated. The new MEF CE 2.0 certification is now incorporated into our product portfolio so that we are able to present it externally to our clients.

What does it mean for us?

The new certification is important for Eurofiber. We want to provide our clients with an optimal level of service whilst investing in the continuous improvement of quality and reliability. The new certification reflects the efforts we have made to deliver an outstanding customer experience and underlines our high quality standards. Our partners, clients and suppliers attach a great deal of importance to these standards.