National Employment Office: high capacity, great backup facilities, more security and the ability to improve

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It was back in 2001 that the NEO (RVA/ONEM) began the process of developing its telecommunications network through Eurofiber, which was still called B-Telecom at the time. It extended that collaboration for a further 3 years in 2006. And the contract has been renewed again until 2018. The reason for this continuity is simple: the fiber optic network that Eurofiber installed for the NEO to exchange large volumes of data with local NEO branches has not only been fit for purpose, but has actually exceeded all expectations. It’s a situation that has also benefited people looking for work.

Data exchanged between 30 branches

The National Employment Office is a federal government department responsible for organising unemployment benefits, as well as providing the systems used for career breaks and time credit. The number of ‘clients’ handled by the NEO is certainly impressive, because it manages no fewer than 4 million records.

Paying digitally is better

Prior to the NEO’s unemployment records being digitised, there were no fewer than 100 million pages to deal with. This IT (r)evolution in itself created a new challenge of its own, with the bandwidth for the network needing to be made 100 times bigger.

Network never overloaded

Eurofiber connected the 30 NEO branches and the central administrative office with fiber optic cables, completing the job exactly on schedule.

Higher throughput, lower costs

After comparing all of the bids in detail, the NEO decided to stay with Eurofiber, as it was very happy with the network already in place. Transmission speeds were raised, from 2 to 4 Mbps, because the data traffic had grown yet again and increasing numbers of new applications were being used. We were unable to find the rate and scalability of the telecoms services provided by Eurofiber’s fiber optic-based system anywhere else.

Success spells another extension

“At the beginning of October 2009, we decided to continue working with Eurofiber, because they were the most successful in keeping up with developments to our needs. But also because we had always worked with them in a smooth, problem-free way. The NEO can look forward to the future with great confidence, because the capacity of the solution provided by Eurofiber has the ability to expand to 100 Mbps! This is more than sufficient for all of the tasks involved in providing public services, including being able to operate without any interruptions.

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