How ICT leads to more efficient education

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Education is under pressure: requirements are becoming stricter, there are not enough teachers to fill all the available position, and it seems as though schools have barely had time to implement one teaching method before the next is already on its way. Targeted deployment of digital solutions will provide efficient support for teachers in the course of their work.

For example, teachers will have easy, less time-consuming ways to prepare, present and evaluate lessons. With the proper software it becomes possible to provide personalized learning for large groups of students and have students take tests digitally. However, ICT in a school environment also includes watching an online documentary in a traditional classroom, or having a central system in place for monitoring student marks and progress.

Availability and reliability of ICT are crucial

As ICT increasingly plays a key role in education, the availability and reliability of ICT are also becoming more important. After all, nothing is worse than computer systems that are sluggish to start, or videos that keep freezing. Or even worse: schools that cannot administer digital tests, or security breaches in the student monitoring system. The solution is simple: fast, reliable connectivity. A fiber optic connection will provide that.

Constant access to teaching material

“At universities and trade schools, it is already completely normal to be connected to a professional fiber optic network. Large numbers of teachers and students constantly need access to teaching materials, both on campus and from other locations. That requires a fast, secure and stable network. It is a trend that is also starting to emerge in primary and secondary education,” says Michiel van Zeggeren at Eurofiber. “Teaching materials, the student monitoring system, even controls for beamers and security cameras: everything is handled through the network. If the WiFi at school is not working, it is impossible to teach classes.”

Easier to manage

Fiber offers much higher speeds and capacity than conventional connections based on copper or coax cables. With fiber optics, for instance, it is possible to set up an Ethernet system for several different school locations, but with just one internet connection to the outside. That makes it easier to manage, and therefore reduces costs.

Is connectivity crucial for your school?

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