Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland Digital transformation in healthcare

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The healthcare sector faces a major challenge due to a sharp increase in demand for care and the vital need to improve cost efficiency in their operations. ICT plays a crucial role in finding a balance between these two factors. The Franciscus Gasthuis and Vlietland hospitals (4,200 staff members and close to 300 physicians) have decided to use the fiber optic network provided by Eurofiber in anticipation of this growing need.

Hospitals need to work digitally

Hospitals increasingly need to pursue more digital collaboration with other hospitals. “The current capacity of the connections was not big enough for that,” says Tim van Toledo, Project and Program Manager for Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland. “We also saw that the issues with inadequate network bandwidth were seeping through into the rest of our ICT landscape. We saw that this would become an essential part of our services. As a result, we didn’t stop at the original plans for expanding the connections to the world outside; we also moved on to upgrading storage capacity and improving the network infrastructure.”

Infrastructure that stays operational 24 x 7 will aid healthcare

The two hospital locations and the datacenter operated by Dataplace are now connected by a complete DWDM fiber optic ring that offers 40GB in bandwidth. All locations have fully redundant connections with physically separated routes positioned in a ring, giving the hospital 24/7 access to operational infrastructure. They also opted for multiple fully redundant internet services from Eurofiber for the Healthcare Portal, the cloud services and their guest WiFi for clients.

Prepared for the future with fiber

Ready for the future, and the high-speed network infrastructure provided by Eurofiber also makes it possible to introduce new applications. Van Toledo: “We see that various suppliers of medical solutions, such as MRI scans, are coming up with their own cloud solutions. That will also result in increased data traffic. With our fiber optic network, we are fully prepared to accommodate that increase.”

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