eBook: The Smart Society: Towards smart, secure and future-proof infrastructure

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In a Smart Society, technology and new forms of collaboration make it possible to deploy resources smarter and more efficiently. The result: sustainable economic development, innovation, improved well-being across the board, and smarter ways to use and manage natural resources.

We live in a world that grows more digital every day. What will our digital infrastructure look like in 2030? What does the future hold for us? What security risks will it involve? And… how can you already anticipate and take affirmative action regarding the digital future and its security risks?

In this eBook, we will start by taking you to 2030. We will share our vision for the ICT infrastructure of the future. We will also show you how security risks happen and how you can anticipate them and take affirmative action in an effective and future-proof way –ensuring that your ICT infrastructure remains secure and reliable, now and in 2030.

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