eBook: The cloud as integrated part of your ICT infrastructure

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Cloud computing enables you to increase flexibility in your ICT environment, easily adapting its use to the needs of your organization. Your employees can work from any location without major investments, and your ICT department will enjoy increased flexibility as a result of remote access and management of applications and cloud computing capacity.

Public, private or hybrid cloud solutions: high-speed, secure connections are vital, regardless of your strategic choices in the cloud. It’s time for your organization to decide how to respond – primarily to leverage all the benefits that cloud computing can offer, but also to mitigate the new risks emerging as a result of these trends. In this eBook, we offer you a tried-and-tested formula for transitioning your organization safely into the cloud.

You will discover more about:

• the various cloud strategies
• what to look out for when transitioning to the cloud
• a helpful checklist for setting the safest course towards the cloud

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