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Located in the green heart of the Belgian Ardennes is the family owned Hotel Le Val de Poix, set close to the E411 that connects Brussels to Luxembourg. The three star plus hotel with 42 fully equipped rooms is more than just a place to stay and sleep. It features a gourmet restaurant that only works with organically grown local produce. And recently co-working facilities have been added, aimed at professionals and artists. For both the hotel and the co-working spaces fast and reliable internet access through Eurofiber’s fiber-optic network is an absolute must.

The most recent project is the creation of co-working spaces. We’re located in a rural region, which makes it important to have a place where startups, professionals and artists can gather and work in a green environment without making compromises in the available facilities. We quickly saw that fiber-optic was the most ideal way to get reliable, secure and fast internet access. Our father, who’s still very involved in our business, compared the cost and the quality of the providers that operate in our region. Eurofiber came out as the most suitable one.’

The fact that we offer high speed internet access through the fiber-optic network of Eurofiber has proven to be in fact a true Unique Selling Point. We couldn’t imagine having opened our co-working space without the connection to their fiber-optic network. They are really professional and flexible. The connection is safe, fast and reliable. We are in fact using it ourselves as well for things like cloud based booking software.’ Having fast and reliable internet access with ample room to grow in bandwidth, provides a solid fundament for the future of the Hotel Le Val de Poix . We aim to extend our co-working spaces and offering even more useful services to our clients.

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