Key People

This month we are introducing a new section to our newsletter: ‘Key People’. Each and every one of the people who work with us is a vital link in the chain of Eurofiber’s operations. From now on we will be putting one of these Key Colleagues in the spotlight. To start things off, Koen Cosyns, Segment Marketeer, takes the stage.

“I first came across Eurofiber when I was looking for a new job. I was browsing through a list of the 50 fastest-growing ICT/telecoms companies, which featured Eurofiber.” Koen then took a look at our website and there just happened to be a vacancy available as a Segment Marketeer. “I sent off an e-mail and an hour later I had the HR Manager on the line and our chat started the ball rolling.” Shortly afterwards, Koen took on the role of Segment Marketeer. His job involves setting up marketing campaigns and then monitoring their progress.

Watch out, we’re coming!

Eurofiber is an organisation emerging from in the start-up phase – and the same is true of the marketing department. “Previously things were run out of the Netherlands, but now we have taken a firm grip on what we do ourselves.” Plenty of challenges ahead, then, which is why Koen tries to develop marketing campaigns in which he thinks outside the box while keeping things within a realistic context. Koen really enjoys the free range he has been given. “I am allowed a lot of freedom,” he says. “This means I can create and develop the campaigns I want, provided my manager gives it the okay. If it doesn’t work, then we try something else next time.”

Koen’s main aim is to contribute to the awareness of the Eurofiber name and start stepping on the toes of our two biggest competitors. “If I can manage to do that, I’ll be very pleased,” laughs Koen. And when you ask him to describe Eurofiber in 1 word, he gives 10: “We’re the new kid on the block – and we’re coming!”

The person behind the job

In addition to his work at Eurofiber, a few months ago Koen became a father for the first time. “It’s had far more impact on my life than I thought beforehand. Your whole life is turned upside down and you have to start finding your way again.” Koen also enjoys activities that involve an element of sport, such as squash and snowboarding. But he’s just as happy with his weekly session playing cards with old friends. Keeping in contact with them is simple: “We all still live in and around Mechelen and so we have never really lost sight of one another. We tend to play ‘colour whist’ on these evenings, but we do more laughing than actually playing cards.”