Key People

Enid works as an HR adviser at Eurofiber and is responsible for HR, fleet & facility. “I found the extensive package of tasks and responsibilities at Eurofiber enormously appealing,” she says. “Every day is different and brings new challenges.”

The great thing about working at Eurofiber is the range of opportunities made available for both less experienced as well as seasoned employees. “Although I haven’t been in the working world for all that long, the managing director had the confidence to let me prove myself in my job.” Enid also has plenty of scope in her day-to-day work. “I always have the freedom to put forward projects – and provided they are properly structured, I also get the opportunity to develop them further.” One of the greatest challenges in her job is finding and retaining qualified staff. “The war on talent is alive and well, and remains a hot topic.”

Although Enid works on her own in the HR department, she has plenty of contact with her fellow employees. “Activities are organised regularly.” These include frequent after-work drinks, or sometimes a group of staff will go out for a meal somewhere – plus there are various sports matches and events. “Our managing director recently gave us a table football game, which is used regularly. There is already a table football league in place, but I need to practise more before I’ll be able to win a tournament.”

Outside her work, Enid attaches a great deal of importance to maintaining good family bonds. “Every year we go on a family weekend to the Ardennes. I always think this is one of the most enjoyable weekends of the year.” Enid also enjoys working in her home or garden. She used to live in the heart of Brussels, but found she missed having her own garden. “There’s nothing better than enjoying a day off in the garden with family or friends.”