Key People

Yasmina is an enthusiastic lady who positively bubbles with energy. She had already gained broad experience as an account manager and came to Eurofiber because she was looking for a job in a technical sector.

Eurofiber appealed to her because it is a young, dynamic company that offers a great deal of opportunity and potential “not just for the company itself, but for the sector in general”. With the fiber optic market growing and expanding so quickly and competition getting tougher all the time, this is exactly what attracted Yasmina so much. “The optical fiber sector is moving at a fantastic pace, which made it the perfect time to jump on board. It was also a great opportunity to become involved in the history of fiber optics.”

As field sales manager, Yasmina’s job involves approaching customers proactively and telling them about the benefits of Eurofiber. The ‘Fiber Revolution Starts Here’ marketing campaign has been launched as part of the expansion of the Eurofiber network in and around Kortrijk. Yasmina is visiting the region to spread the news about the many advantages provided by fiber optics during a series of information sessions held at a range of industrial parks and companies.

Yasmina is in the office for one day per week, otherwise she is out on the road. Despite being away a lot, she maintains good contact with her work colleagues. “I can call them any time and they are always ready to give me advice about how I can best tackle certain situations.” And when she is in the office, Yasmina makes room in her working day to spend time talking with them.

Ostend: Belgium’s seaside gem

Just like her job, Yasmina tends to look for a challenge when it comes to her hobbies. As field sales manager, Yasmina spends much of her time on the road and with any free time she has left over, she likes to indulge in high-impact sports. One of these is body combat, a workout based on martial arts, but without physical contact. “I really put everything into it and can easily expend all my energy – every muscle in my body has to ache!” When she’s not doing her sport, you’ll find Yasmina enjoying herself in her favourite seaside town of Ostend. As a born-and-bred Ostend local, she loves the sea and is always bumping into someone she knows in the street for a good old chat.