Eurofiber one of the top 3 in the Belgian fiber optic market

An independent survey conducted by market research bureau iVOX shows that Eurofiber ranks 3rd when it comes to the number of fiber optic connections in the B2B market.

The top 3 areas that users of fiber optics consider to be the most important when choosing a provider of fiber optic connections are the quality of the network, prices that are in line with the market, and reliability.

B2B respondents currently using fiber optics said that price, bandwidth and security played the greatest role when they selected their current provider. Other factors positively influencing the choice of provider included the fact that the provider can be reached 24/7 for network monitoring, having an extensive network and offering unlimited bandwidth.

Compared with its competitors, Eurofiber scored particularly well in terms of ‘price’.

And for companies not currently using fiber optics, more than half of them considering making the switch in the future were thinking of doing so because it is faster, offers better quality and is more reliable.

Although Eurofiber may not be the best-known fiber optic and broadband Internet provider in the world, the company easily measures up with the very biggest.