Eurofiber at the IT Infrastructure datacenters Congress

The IT Infrastructure datacenters event was held on October 19, 2017 at the De Montil conference centre in Affligem. With 310 visitors, this year’s congress enjoyed unprecedented success!

Each year, the FEE federation works closely with LAN News to shine the spotlight on the most important aspects of data centre infrastructure. These include racks, power supplies, data security, cooling, tests, traffic management, cloud and cloud computing, data retention and monitoring, and more. Exciting themes such as design, security, monitoring and management were addressed in the context of cooling, power and connectivity, virtualization, IT/Cloud transition and data centre technology. This year’s conference also tackled security, storage and telecoms.

It goes without saying that, in the midst of this IT revolution, Eurofiber had to be present as a stand-holder and speaker at the event. It is true to say that we felt at home among all these data centres, both literally and figuratively.

Data centre interconnection, next generation

Lex Wils, Innovation Officer with Eurofiber Netherlands, gave an interesting presentation on next-generation data centre interconnection: the innovative online platform DCspine.

This high-capacity data centre interconnection platform is fully automated and scalable and is managed by cutting-edge network software solutions. With DCspine, you establish a connection with the services you require, when you require them. DCspine represents a sort of virtual Meet-Me-Room for all the data centres linked in to it. Thanks to DCspine, cross connections between data centres are as easy to establish as within a single data centre. The online products offered by DCspine can be ordered via the platform’s web portal. These products are available 24 hours a day. Orders can also be entered, modified or deleted at any time. DCspine is primarily aimed at data centres and cloud services.

DCspine connects more than 30 data centres and is currently only available in the Netherlands.