Eurofiber at ICT Infrastructure

9th May 2017 at the Palais des Congrès in Namur

Wallonia and SMAC

The technological concept of SMAC –which stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud– has been on the rise for many months. In fact, SMAC has become essential at a time when businesses need to use social tools to attract customers and secure their loyalty. In the meantime, these users are becoming increasingly mobile. The emergence of big data requires good analysis tools, especially with the breakthrough of the Internet of Things (IoT). And agility and responsiveness go hand in glove with any modern business activity.

Then there’s the issue of security, the cornerstone of any IT infrastructure, particularly with the arrival of new European legislation on protecting privacy (GDPR).

And so it is that businesses of all sizes and the tech players find themselves facing these new challenges if they want to stay ahead in what is an increasingly competitive market. Wallonia is well aware of just how important the issue is. This can be seen from the many providers and start-ups that are developing cutting-edge solutions in these areas. These subjects will be top of the agenda at the ‘ICT Infrastructure Forum’ event in Namur, to be held in May 2017: a day of company presentations, a Sponsors zone, workshops and a start-ups village. The aim is to show the leading players in B2B the wide technological array offered by SMAC and bring them face to face with the reality of what is out there. Namur was chosen as the venue because it is capital of Wallonia and also for its position at the heart of Belgium’s French-speaking region, while still being close to Flanders and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Whether you are a solutions provider or a potential B2B user, the ‘ICT Infrastructure Forum’ promises to be the unmissable event of 2017. The various presentations on offer will enable you to take stock of the latest developments, as well as meet some of the leading providers who can help and guide you in your digital endeavours. One high point not to be missed is the address to be given by Gilles Verschueren (Eurofiber) at 3.00 pm, who will be talking about ‘The importance of connectivity to the cloud’.

The ‘ICT Infrastructure Forum’ is an event that is both local and filled with innovation, provided by and for the businesses attending.