Download the Secure Cloud Connect e-Book

The technological revolution we find ourselves in at the moment is generating rapidly evolving demand from the market. Technology itself is developing at a record pace: the new, adaptable generation of companies is constantly rolling out new service concepts in the marketplace. Which means it is very important for your organisation to be able to respond quickly to all these changes. But how do you do it? How do you make your organisation adaptable and agile?

The cloud makes it easier, more accessible and cheaper to speed up your organisation and experiment. And by shortening time-to-market, the cloud contributes to your competitive ability. In the Secure Cloud Connect e-Book, we take you into this new world. What is the cloud exactly? What are the benefits for your company and why is security in the cloud even more important than it is in our traditional IT landscape? Discover the possibilities of cloud computing and how you can access multiple cloud platforms directly and securely.

The e-Book also explains in detail the forces driving the rise in cloud computing, how to switch to the cloud, what the points are to look out for in migrating to the cloud, how to create a secure connection, what is involved in a proper security policy and, finally, what Eurofiber’s Secure Cloud Connect has to offer.

With Secure Cloud Connect from Eurofiber, you have direct, secure access at all times to the platforms of your choice via a private network. We connect your organisation with your cloud providers via a virtual private network (VPN), which is totally separate from the public Internet. You also gain direct access to the platform of your choice through our cloud connections. We currently offer direct connections to leading cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365. With Secure Cloud Connect, you only have to purchase the cloud from your provider. We’ll do the rest for you.

Download the e-Book via this link.