Customer case study: Van Moer Logistics

Van Moer Logistics has been a Eurofiber client since 2014. We asked them to tell us what they think of the services provided and what it’s like to work with Eurofiber. Stijn Spooren, network manager: “It all began with an Internet line when we moved all of the physical services from our head office in Zwijndrecht to our datacenter. We needed a really good, stable Internet connection with plenty of bandwidth. After comparing a number of providers, Eurofiber emerged as the best partner for the task.”

Over the course of time, Van Moer Logistics opened several sites in the port of Antwerp and the rest of Flanders, including Ghent, Vilvoorde and Zellik. With the forthcoming IP-VPN network, all of the sites will be equipped with a Layer 3 connection to the datacenter so that all services can be grouped. As a result, all of the sites will need to have a fast, high-performance link to the datacenter.

Stijn Spooren: “We decided on Eurofiber for the IP-VPN project for a variety of reasons. First of all we were very pleased with Eurofiber and wanted to continue working with them. In addition, the infrastructure required was already in place at Kallo and Zwijndrecht. We also opted in the end for Eurofiber at the other sites due to the presence of the network and also because their tender was the most attractive from a price perspective and fitted into the overall picture. And opting for fiber optic was a no-brainer: it is the only technology capable of giving us the speeds we need.”

A few facts about Van Moer Logistics

The main mission at Van Moer Logistics is to make a difference for their customers. In a world where everything is timed and organised down to the nearest second, Van Moer don’t like to leave anything to chance and prefer to give their customers a state-of-the-art service. They do this by listening carefully to what users have to say and then offering them a solution tailored to their needs.

  • 750 employees
  • 14 sites
  • 330 000 m² warehouse space
  • 55,000 tons handled every week
  • 10,400 containers per month