Corporate Social Responsibility

Eurofiber takes its Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously and plays an active part in a wide range of projects. One of these was a ‘giving back’ project.

As part of its corporate social responsibility programme, Eurofiber adopts a good cause by supporting an organisation that plays a humanitarian role in society. This year, the focus was on ‘De Eglantier’ care home.

This multipurpose centre for children and young people with serious mental disorders and multiple disabilities focuses on offering daycare in a form that replaces school. De Eglantier provides supervision and therapy for young children with severe developmental deficit problems, as well as multiple disabilities and serious mental disorders, possibly accompanied by contact and behavioural difficulties.

Every year in September De Eglantier holds a large garden party. As part of the event, the home is opened to family members, supporters, other interested parties and the whole surrounding area.

To prepare for this garden party, Eurofiber staff rolled up their sleeves and got out their buckets and sponges to clean up the garden tables and chairs for the big day. The same opportunity was also used to give wheelchairs, standing tables, toys and other equipment their annual maintenance clean and brush-up.

Eurofiber employees enjoyed a very special afternoon. Spending time getting to know how De Eglantier operates was a moving experience for everyone concerned.