Corporate Social Responsibility: Eurofiber assists De Eglantier

Eurofiber believes firmly in its Corporate Social Responsibility and is involved in related projects throughout the year.

Just as it did last year, Eurofiber again showed its support for the ‘De Eglantier’ centre for special kids last month by helping to get things ready for the centre’s garden party.

De Eglantier is a multifunctional centre for children and youngsters with severe mental and multiple disabilities. The centre provides daycare facilities to replace school and guidance and therapy for young children with significant developmental retardation, physical and mental disabilities, as well as kids who may have contact or behavioural difficulties.

Sunday 17th September was the day everything had to be ready for the party in Leefdaal. We helped to put up marquees, arrange the tables and chairs, set the tables and generally prepare for the big day, which included cleaning and disinfecting all of the equipment, toys and wheelchairs.

As a result of our assistance, De Eglantier was able to enjoy its garden party to the full, welcoming family members, supporters and other interested parties on the day.