Corporate Social Responsibility

Eurofiber sets great store by Corporate Social Responsibility and is delighted to be actively involved in a whole range of different CSR projects.

For example, the year was kicked off by finding a new home for our written-down IT equipment.

We wanted a good home for some of our superseded IT equipment that had demonstrated its worth at Eurofiber so that these computers could be given a second lease of life. Our employees were able to vote for various projects and as a result superseded laptops and other accessories that have reached the end of their service life with us have been taken to Ter Muren in the past month.

Ter Muren is a special youth care organisation that focuses on young people and children living in a difficult situation at home. The people at Ter Muren provide help and guidance to kids, youngsters and their families, parents, relatives or broader social context who are ‘doing it tough’ or who find themselves in a disconcerting home situation. In some cases, the juvenile court considers the situation sufficiently worrying to place the youngsters at Ter Muren; others go there on a voluntary basis.

Ter Muren uses the laptops to help supervise the homework of the children and young people in its care. This gives the youngsters access to smartschool, PowerPoint, Word, etc. –all of which are applications that are frequently used for helping with homework.

For more information about Ter Muren, visit the website.