Eurofiber cabling guarantees continuity and reliability for data transfers FPS Mobility and Transport

The Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport helps keep things moving on the road, on the railways, in the air and on the water. But back office data still needs to be sent by cable between the servers in Brussels and local branch offices elsewhere in Belgium. Or to the Microsoft Azure cloud server in Amsterdam to guarantee the secure backup of government data. Eurofiber’s high-quality fiber optic cable system makes this vital backup possible, while also guaranteeing uptime.

Getting offices to work together digitally

FPS Mobility and Transport, which has its head office in Brussels and eight branch offices elsewhere in Belgium, employs over 1000 staff. The local offices, responsible for example for obtaining vehicle registration plates, are connected directly with Brussels via a digital line. Having a properly structured IT infrastructure is absolutely essential for ensuring that everything runs smoothly between the various offices. First and foremost, the system needs a fast and reliable connection capable of transmitting enormous quantities of data, while also guaranteeing uptime.

Migration to the cloud

The aim a few years ago was to carry out a partial migration to the cloud. But with Microsoft Azure, the standard is for a connection that runs via the Internet over a VPN (Virtual Private Network) with a maximum bandwidth of up to 100 MB/s. “This speed was sufficient in an initial experimental phase,” explains Jo Vanderwegen, Back Office department head at FPS Mobility and Transport. “But to expand the servers further and be able to make backups in the cloud, we needed a much faster and more stable connection. Usually, Microsoft (Azure) asks the customer to use a leased line to provide a permanent data connection between two points. In this instance, that meant between the FPS Mobility and Transport servers in Brussels and the Microsoft datacenter in Amsterdam.”

Microsoft Azure via optical fiber

FPS Mobility and Transport opted for the Microsoft Azure cloud service, but that also involved a direct connection. The Eurofiber service offers companies a fully catered connection from their local network to the cloud. The link runs via Eurofiber’s own fiber optic network, which extends to 26,000 km across the Benelux. The granularity of this network enables organisations to connect quickly and simply to the cloud platform of their choice.

Greater bandwidth and dramatically reduced latency

When you transfer so much data every day, you really need to have a strong connection you can rely on. Jo Vanderwegen is particularly amazed by the reliability of the cables. As he relates, “We make a copy of our database every day (offsite backup), which requires quite a lot of bandwidth to guarantee continuity. With our fiber optic connection, huge amounts of data transit lightning-fast between our servers in Brussels and Microsoft’s in Amsterdam.”

Stable connection, thanks to redundancy

The continuity of the connection also deserves high praise. Previously, everything was sent via an Internet connection, which tended to drop out due to being overloaded. Today, FPS Mobility and Transport is able to stay online thanks to a redundant connection – a sort of backup or additional security.

FPS Mobility and Transport ready for the future

As a result of the installation of high-quality fiber optics by Eurofiber, FPS Mobility and Transport as a government department is prepared for the IT challenges of the future. The organisation is now able to take advantage of all the benefits that the cloud has to offer. Which is important, because in the end, it’s all about serving the general interests of the public.

Jo Vanderwegen, Department Head Back Office,
FPS Mobility and Transport

 “Eurofiber has delivered a connection that gives us more stability and certainty. They have been our partners for some years and communication runs very smoothly.”