#Essent Belgium

Business fiber-optic connection helps guarantee high service levels

Essent’s customer base is growing rapidly. A high-quality ICT infrastructure, based on two datacenters connected by a fast business fiber-optic connection installed by Eurofiber, ensures continued good service.


Essent is a challenger on the Belgian energy market. The company wanted to upgrade its ICT environment in order to evolve with the exponential growth of its customer base. A key consideration was the need to minimise the risk of its business systems failing. The high demands in terms of availability also had to be aligned with a low capital outlay.


EF-inzetje-Cc_Essent-2Eurofiber quickly installed a reliable, redundant 2 Gb/s fiber-optic connection between Essent Belgium’s two datacenters. The dual configuration of the connection, with two physically separate 1 Gb/s fiber-optic routes, ensures optimal reliability. The connection offers extremely low delay and fast response times. Eurofiber guarantees to restore a route within four hours in case of an outage. Partners of Eurofiber provide additional services for disaster recovery and internet access.


Eurofiber’s business fiber-optic solution enables Essent Belgium to minimise the risk of downtime. The costs of the connection are negligible compared with the expense of being offline for an extended period. In addition to a reliable connection, the energy provider also has the freedom to choose its own service providers. It is furthermore ready for the future; coping with the rapid growth of its customer base as well as deploying innovative applications, such as smart energy meters.